Miley Meds Pharmacy
Miley Meds Pharmacy

pharmacy services offered at Miley Meds Pharmacy


Raining?  Too cold? Not feeling that great?   We will deliver prescription and OTC items to the Pearl River area at no extra charge!


One of the most important steps we can take to stay healthy and avoid serious health concerns is to be immunized.  Miley Meds Pharmacy in Pearl River administers the following immunizations: flu, pneumonia, shingles, tetanus, whooping cough, meningitis and HPV.  Make an appointment or simply walk in.    


Want to ensure your child (or yourself) will be able to take the important medicine the doctor prescribed?  Do you need an over-the-counter liquid med but can't stand the taste? Ask for medication flavoring at the pharmacy counter.  Our FlavoRx Fill Master Pro allows for medication to be mixed with the flavor of your choice within minutes, utilizing sugar-free, allergen-free, gluten-free flavors with specific formulas designed for each medication.  


Forget why a medicine was prescribed?  Can't remember the best time to take this one, what to avoid while taking that one?  The Doctor said don't take these two together... or was is these two?  Bring all your bottles and questions to our pharmacy and the pharmacist will meet with you  for a private comprehensive medication review.  Just one of several pharmacy services offered at Miley Meds in Pearl River.


Tired of going to the pharmacy at least once a week to get all of your monthly medications?  Our TIME MY MEDS program may help.  We work with your doctor to get all of your maintenance prescriptions filled on a once a month cycle, together.  Free up that valuable time, ask a staff member today! Med synchronization is one of many pharmacy services we provide!


Patients often ask "How do I get my medications over to Miley Meds?"  

  • Call/drop by with a medication list, including how to take them, and doctor name.  We will contact doctor for prescriptions. -OR-
  • Provide medication name/script number and current pharmacy phone number, and we will transfer remaining refills to Miley Meds Pharmacy in Pearl River.